Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why do we not get divine help whenever we ask for it?

William Arkle, transcribed and edited from the question time following a lecture by William Arkle given on March 16th 1992 to a group in Yeovil

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God is working to make friends and not carbon copies of himself.

The angels want you to get the full experience of being a mortal incarnate person. They know that your view of the experience of what is going-on is very limited.

The angels therefore know that there are times when it is correct for you to ask for help and guidance - and they also know that there are times when it is incorrect for you to ask for help and guidance; and then they are going to leave you to muddle through on your own. Often for reasons that we cannot see, from our perspective of mortal life.

If you want help you need to realize that angels are always present around us in God's system, and God too is always present in his own system: so you have a lot of helpers, and their numbers are always increasing.

They will help you if you ask and your need is real and timely; but if you need is not real and timely then they will not help.

Sometimes you need to be shown the way, but there many other times when - because of your uniqueness - 'help' would amount to interference is something which is absolutely sacred to God's purpose: which is you making your own decision concerning your essential uniqueness.

When we understand the importance of God's purpose in 'making friends' of us, we recognize that it is the uniqueness of the friend which matters. It would be no good having lots of friends if they are all the same - then each individual friend does not signify anything.

So, there are times when you are in the process of making your own uniqueness when you will not get any help - and there are times when you are not essentially making your uniqueness when you can get help.

Because, unless the process of mortal life is experienced as really difficult, then you are not going to get any significant benefit from it. And every time somebody tries to make things easier for you, they are not really being your friend.

There is help, and there is not-help. There is one sort of help which destroys the person, and another sort of help which really helps them - and to know the difference between them requires a lot of wisdom (wisdom which, here and now, we do not always possess).

You are made such that what you learn the hard way matters far more to you - and therefore becomes more significant to you, and more real to you - than anything you might get the easy way.

Note: When Arkle refers to 'making friends' he means that God's main purpose in creation is to raise Men (some Men, those who wish for this, and make the long and arduous journal of divinization) to become his friends - at God's own level (as already happened with his Son Jesus Christ); and part of the plan to populate Heaven is that these friends must be independent souls and each unique. Therefore, much of our mortal incarnate life on earth is about undergoing real, tough experiences which we are supposed to deal with ourselves - to as great an extent as possible.