Wednesday, 20 February 2019

A Cup of Day

What shall I do to-day? What will to-day do with me? What will I do to to-day? What will we do to each other?

Hello, play-friend day, here we are so wonderfully arranged, each on our own side of the tennis net of life, neither of us concerned to win but only to be the best companion in the game.

We may touch upon surprise or we may enjoy the re-happenings of old joys. The new and unknown thing still loves to reveal itself among the best of the beauties stored in our treasure chest of the known.

If I wish I can choose to Be with the thrill of the cutting edge of this game, where 'the net' is. The thrill can be so deep that what we would call its excitement is so much a part of its primary Being that it feels as though it is utter peace at the same time. What a paradox.

I look at IT, and then IT looks at me with 'that' smile. Do you know 'that' smile in yourself ? It seems to be able to smile on everything, whatever it is. How can it do that unless everything, whatever it is, is something to be glad about ?

I will ask... The reply comes...

'I only smile like this because I know that everything that is happening is in place of nothing happening. You and I both want to play the game of the happening of living experience - whatever happens - instead of remaining in the Absolute Being state of no game, the state of Pre-Creation and no happening.

Because of your strong connection with a relatively coarse level of physical play most of you fail to see My smile and so you forget what the atmosphere and mood was that set it all up, and still broods over it all.

Ah well, play is play and one thing leads to another, but there are times when I wish that your fever of dominant self-wilfulness would subside, with all its contrary forms of unplayful activity, for these confuse you and you don't realise that life is meant to be an opportunity for you to live out your best joys with as much definition as possible. I want you to smile on Me as I smile on you. I don't know how I can say it more clearly than that.'