Monday, 4 February 2019

Enjoy the Process

ME: "My cup runneth over" and I am concerned to catch the valuable life experience and not allow it to go to waste doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. There are so many possibilities to choose from in my creative play.

GOD: You simply cannot do everything all of the time. Experiment and waste go together and lead to discovery, so don't become anxious about results. Try to enjoy the process itself which allows for lateral thinking and lateral diversions.

The new things are not found where you expect them to be. We can't live "new beginnings" without letting go of the "old beginnings" and allowing them to slip away. All that is really valuable will come back to you when it is needed. This is part of The Game of life which requires forgetting and letting go with good grace and a sense of non-importance of ones valuable Self. Do not fear to waste your time and energy, you will never run out of them and the "Crisis" in the World is only solved by those who follow the best instincts of their Spiritual Nature. As these work out all together, so each one of you finds yourself holding and demonstrating a bit of the necessary jig-saw puzzle of life coming into a new and better expression of itself, Myself-Ourself.

Be with the big, fearless love which smiles on everything from its sense of Everlastingness and the Completeness that lies behind all Living Reality. For Reality is complete in one sense although it strives to play at Itself in another sense. Life Games are set up for playfulness and not because our being nature is frightened of losing anything. We think we can lose but we can't. There are safety nets around everything since all comes from perfect Love, Joy, Fun, Bliss, Wisdom and Humour!

What you see as misery in the World is what you see in your child as it lives from crisis to crisis each hour of the day with each one being "the end of the world" in severity. Your world is like this child, it is the way young things grow...only the scale is different. They will both grow out of it.

All these words are just to help you to get to grips with the Spirit of life for your Self and in your own way. This leads to a simplicity in the midst of complexity which appears to others to be Wisdom and beyond words. Words point to this and that, here and there, but Wisdom is beyond this and that, it is Being with the essence of the possibility of life.

To allow it to work out as experience we play at putting together "stage sets" or Worlds, each one different, to draw out variety in the nuances of life possibilities. Our Spirit learns to manage this as we grow up, we then visit each others Worlds as we add to our collection of "ways to do life"; rather like a Bee collecting honey from all sorts of flowers.

So don't be surprised when other people visit your World and you start to visit theirs. You can't do this in the contraptions you use to visit the moon. You will do it properly when your idea of yourself becomes more spiritual in nature and much more ethereal in conception. Then you will "allow" yourselves to look at ethereal science and ways of doing things which are in keeping with the graceful efficiency of Spiritual Wisdom. Then you will see the Big Stage of Universal Productions Ltd. as being a very graceful project.

At present, when you approach Wisdom and the Love-Joy of it's nature you go "all funny" about it and go into all sorts of "over the top" forms of reverence, discipline and dogma and throw your common sense out of the window. Your idea of power and importance as your crude, dominant personalities use it on Earth is the cause of this and, of course, is fear based rather than love based. I am not like this. My power and dominance is only there to enable love and joy to please us all, you all and My Self. It is then so natural that My happiness is wrapped up in our collective happiness, and our collective misery too, while you learn to grow up in understanding. I can cope with this misery, but you, being youngsters, often feel that you can't cope because you have not learned to live from your strength which is only found in the nature of your Spirit, the Spirit we all share. Our Selfness and our Oneness are thus so easily linked together in the love play of this Innermost Nature.

And so I sigh and smile and wait.

You are all so silly and stupid and adorable and childish as yet, and I can't hurry this growth without spoiling the virtue of your condition of development from spiritual sleep to self-chosen awareness. I just want you to feel how "nice" it all is, even when it seems to be "all nasty". Tricky, I know!

The best thing to do is to try to experience Me and what goes with Me for your Self. Inner and outer contemplation, meditation and conscious direction of your attention and intention are common sense ways of knowing Me, and thus your own You, and lead to recognising how interwoven we are.